North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Celebrating 140 Years! Waterloo Area's Top Employers 2014
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North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance Waterloo Area's Top Employers 2014
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Celebrating 140 Years!
Ontario Farm Coverage

Rural Route Hobby Farm Insurance

Download PDF Part-time Interests Need Full-time Protection
Hobby Farm owners have unique exposures that are excluded on a residential insurance policy yet may not require the many coverages associated with a working farm. Rural Route combines all the protection you need in one cost-effective package.

Hobby Farm Eligibility

  • Up to 100 acres
  • Maximum farm income $10,000 per year
  • No more than 10 head of livestock
  • Dwelling built in 1965 or later
  • No custom farming
  • No horse boarding, training or riding facilities
Residential Coverages
  • Comprehensive coverage on dwelling
  • Guaranteed replacement cost
  • Single inclusive limit
  • Non farm-use outbuildings included
  • Contents include saddle, harness & tack
Hobby Farm Coverages
  • $25,000 combined limit on farm equipment, produce and livestock
  • Additional $25,000 limit for scheduled farm-use outbuildings less than 20 years old
  • Increased limits available
  • "All-risks" coverage on equipment, produce and scheduled outbuildings
Liability Coverages
  • Personal and farm liability up to $2,000,000
  • Includes farmers limited pollution liability Deductible
  • $500 minimum
  • Higher deductibles available for premium reduction
Contact your North Waterloo Farmers Mutual Insurance broker for details.

Note: Only brief descriptions of coverages are presented on this page. Complete descriptions of coverages, exclusions and qualifications are stated in the respective policies, and take precedence. All coverages may not be available in all areas.